10 Best Affordable Restaurants In Abuja


The weekend is upon us and here I am, looking out for people that want to visit pocket friendly restaurant. This list is based on places I’ve been to, places you can eat to your fill with 5k or less and still love the ambience.

1). Green Chilli Steakhouse: This is located inside Tarti plaza, Kado. They serve delicious meals with great portion and prices. Greenchillisteakhouse

10 Best Affordable Restaurants In Abuja

2). Today’s Bukka: Located Inside Ultimate mall, this restaurant serve native food and they are reasonably priced. You’ll definitely eat well with less than 5k.

10 Best Affordable Restaurants In Abuja

3). King’s Court: Located in Gwarinpa, this fast food restaurant serve really delicious meals at pocket friendly prices. You can eat swallow with just 2.5k and enjoy the beautiful ambience. Kingscourt_restaurant

10 Best Affordable Restaurants In Abuja

4). Nitori : This restaurant is located in Garki 2. It’s a fast food restaurant that serves native meals, their Amala is really delish.

0 Best Affordable Restaurants In Abuja

5).Curry Leaves: This restaurant is inside the Food court in Bangui crescent, It’s an Indian restaurant with a Nigerian twist. I dare say it’s the most affordable indian restaurant and the food is great.

0 Best Affordable Restaurants In Abuja

6). April and May: This restaurant is on Adetokunbo Ademola crescent Wuse2. Prices are good and food is good too.

0 Best Affordable Restaurants In Abuja

7). Obodo ; This restaurant is in Maraba, they serve native Igbo food at great prices. Their “abacha” is off the hook?. The ambience is also dope. Obodo_abj

0 Best Affordable Restaurants In Abuja

8). Woodash Bistro: Located in Gwarinpa, you can have a 3 course meal at just 5k. What’s more? They have different menu everytime you visit. Woodashbistro

Best Affordable Restaurants In Abuja

9). Atrium: it is one of the most aesthetically pleasing restaurant and food is surprisingly affordable here. It is located in Utako. The_atrium_restaurantng

0 Best Affordable Restaurants In Abuja

10. Annsabujaa
This is one spot you actually wouldn’t expect to be affordable based on their ambiance and location in Maitama but they are ?

. Try their chicken wrap or chicken strips at N2,500.

Anns Restaurant & Bar, Maitama Abuja

Will you be checking them out??? Let us know your thoughts.

Written By: Waka_Waka_Nnenna


Best And Affordable Restaurants In Abuja

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