Jolly Bistro Lagos

What would you expect a Bistro to have according to your standards?

Jolly Bistro Lagos

This restaurant is true to its description. It’s small and the menu is inexpensive.

Price isn’t necessarily a selling point but utilizing such a small space and finding a USP to me is what stood out.

On the tables had games engraved and while we got lost in the game, we asked that the wait time be shorter but on the flip side, that made us appreciate what was in front of us and we were able to take our minds off work for a little while and just enjoy the game. In that I found their USP(unique selling point)

Jolly Bistro Lagos

?????(#rcapproved menu)
~ Yummy Delight Combo ~
~ Chicken Sandwich ~
~ Milkshake ~
~ Chicken sandwich ~

Jolly Bistro Lagos

BEEF BURGER: it was a very simple non pretentious burger with very succulent and sweet buns. It was layered with beef patty, cucumber, sauce and more.

STRAWBERRY MILKSHAKE: this milkshake was rich.

SHARWAMA: simple but I wish I found more chicken in it.

SANDWICH: quite mouthwatering yet minimalist.

They have simple meals and I liked it.

RESTAURANT: Jollybistro

Jolly Bistro Lagos

1. I I liked the game. It’s true to letting a small group of stranger or friends enjoy a good time with simple meals. It’s a Jolly Bistro.

BUDGET (per couple):⁣ 5,000
CUISINE : American
BEST FOR : Game nights/friendly hangouts
ADDRESS?: Gbaja, Surulere

Review By: Restaurantcritic_ng


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