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We recently stopped by Urbanair_restaurantabj for lunch in an airplane ?. Urban Air offers a different experience of a simulated airplane restaurant! They’ve been around for just a bit of time actually.

First of all their food is quite tasty and well priced! When we stopped by we had:

Stir Fry Pasta – N4,500
Special Jollof – N4,500
In-Flight Special 4 – N4,500
Sweet Sunrise – N2,000
Air Frost – N3,500

Our top favorite was the pasta! It was so good! It was filled with plenty obstacles of chicken, beef and sausage. The veggies were also very fresh. The texture of the pasta was just right, not too strong or too soft! We’ll definitely be stopping by for more of this.

Our next favorite was the In-Flight Special, this was definitely very special. We loved the overall Suya taste of the dish, it wasn’t overpowering either. Then the fried egg paired perfectly with the rice. We also really enjoyed the Jollof. Now this tasted more like a jambalaya rice than our typical smokey Jollof but it was tasty. The little pieces of goat meat in the dish was our favorite part of this meal. We could have actually done without the sausage in the dish.

Our drinks especially the sweet sunrise paired really well with our meal and it was a bigger portion ?

Overall We really enjoyed our meal. The servers were pleasant too, loved that they looked like flight attendants in their uniforms, this was very on brand. The overall decor of the space was cozy and definitely resembled an airplane, the first section of the restaurant closer to the entrance especially. The space did look like it needed a bit of a touch up but they informed us that this was in the works. Who knows perhaps they’ll be relocating soon, this would be great ?

They offer dinning-in and delivery.

Have you been to Urbanair_restaurantabj ? What was your experience? Do tag Seeabuja when you visit.

LOCATION: 3rd Floor Obum plaza, ademola adetokunbo, same plaza as shisha world Abuja, Nigeria

Btw they’ll be offering 20% on every meal from the 6th December – 31 December 2021

Review By: Abuja Lifestyle


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