Sushiholic Lagos

I tried Sushi! ? ?

I’ve never had Sushi, but for some reason, i’ve always had the impression that it was basically cooked rice and raw fish, so i steered clear of it.

Then a friend invited me to Sushiholiclagos and i skeptically tagged along. I had to use the bathroom when i got there, and i had squirted soap on my palms before realizing there was no water flowing from the taps. Anyway, long story short, they got a bucket and fetched water for me to wash my hands (WHY ALWAYS ME? ?)
I wasted so much time in the restroom, that my friends had gone ahead to place the order without me so i couldn’t get the names of the sushi rolls ??

Well,basically, you’re supposed to mix a bit of that green lump (it’s really fiery pepper) with some soy sauce in the bowl and dip your sushi roll in it before eating.
We had 4 platters of different sushi varieties, and the food was so delicious that i almost forgot how much i hate fish. The avocado gave it a smooth finish and the prawn and salmon combinations sent me to heaven and back. Overall, this was a really great experience, but quite pricey, so i’ll only be going back when i blow big time. ??

NB: Their drinks are an apology and don’t offer value for money. I had Cranberry juice which was a terrible watered down version poured from a plastic bottle (they could have at least given me Stute????!!) my friend’s ginger beer was brought to the table still in the can. They didn’t even bother to pour it for her before bringing it out ??

I wasn’t impressed by this, so of course, i definitely wouldn’t want to pay above 2k for any of their “signature” cocktails. Also, their staff were sufficiently nice enough to get the job done without offering anything extra but anyway, i’m used to subpar service in Lagos so it’s alright. ??‍♀️

Have you tried Sushi? What was your experience? I’d love to know!

Review By: Damiedarling


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