Delis Supermarket Abuja


Aminu Kano is one street I frequent daily because of the number of businesses in the area, so a while back I came across this supermarket that newly opened. As a “waka” babe, I went in to see what’s up.

Delissupermarket is a huge grocery store that opened recently, they sell mostly foreign products with a few local brands.

The first thing that caught my eye was the Dr Pepper of blessed memory, I also didn’t know that Chupa Chups had can drinks?. I saw some bottled water that I usually see on E news and co and I instantly felt like I was in the “abroad”

The supermarket also has the butcher section and the bakery that has bread going as high as 4000. (If bread pass 350 I no dey buy. I’m a cheapskate ).

The supermarket is definitely a place for many Abuja populace. So feel free to check them out especially if you love foreign brands.

P.S. I saw schweppes that I have never seen any place else. Bia! Schweppesng why are your bottles in this supermarket not in circulation in Nigeria??

?Delissupermarket. 75 Aminu Kano crescent Wuse2.

Review By: Waka_Waka_Nnenna


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