The Ladi Kwali Pottery Center Abuja

It is no news that our preservation culture in this country is a negative slope. So it was no surprise to find the Ladi Kwali Pottery Center in the state it was, infact the surprise was that the roof was still enclosed.
The Ladi Kwali Pottery Center provides a peep into the historic nature of pottery in Nigeria and one of the significant legacy of Ladi Kwali.

The Ladi Kwali Pottery Center which used to be the Abuja Pottery was established as a pottery training center in 1952, under the administration of the Pottery Officer Michael Cardew, during the colonial Nigerian government.
In 1954, Ladi Kwali joined the Abuja Pottery as its first female potter, there she learnt all the t hen modern techniques until she became an instructor and her Pottery works became recognised as ART.
Ladi Kwali got featured in exhibitions and started international tours and demonstration of her works in the company of Michael Cardew.
Ladi Kwali became famous and then in the early 1980’s, the pottery center got renamed after her.
Years later, the remains of her fame lies in debris at Suleja.


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