Gurara Falls Niger State.

Gurara Falls is located in Gurara local government area of Niger State, Nigeria. Approximately 2hours 30minutes drive from Abuja.⁣

The waterfalls is about 30 metres deep and 200 metres wide, it lies on the Gurara River along the Suleja-Minna Road.⁣

It is said that the waterfalls got discovered in 1745 by a Gwari hunter named Buba and the local tribes named it after two gods: *gura and rara* and worshipped the waterfalls centuries before the Europeans discovered it in 1925 and turned it into a popular tourist site.⁣

Gurara Waterfalls is a beauty to behold and the environment is astonishingly breathtaking. ⁣
?Gate fee: #1000
?Activities: picnic, swimming, hiking, fishing, canoeing etc.⁣
?Best time to visit:⁣
1. Swimming: for swimming the best time to visit is during the dry season (January – March)⁣
2. Sightseeing: the waterfalls is in it’s full might during the rainy season (March – November)⁣
P.S: the waterfalls is very aggressive during rainy season and the water bed is rocky and unpredictable during this season cos water covers the scattered rocks, swimming is highly discouraged more like an extreme sport. But do you though!

Written by: Amarachi

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