Chess Is More Than A Game To Me, Its is my Life

For me, Chess is more than a game. Chess is my Life! ♟️
Don’t get it twisted, I am not a gifted chess player like the likes of Magnus_carlsen Anishgiri94 Garry Kasparov, Bobby Fischer etc.
I am but a humble lover of the game of chess, with all my blunders and Zug Zwang.?
For many: Chess is a hobby, a profession, a game they learnt to feel smarter than their folks, a game of class and prestige, a game to perfect strategy in business and combat…. the list goes on… and on…?

Chess for me is my peace from the storm of life, it gives me solace from the daily troubles that life throws at me. I find the will power to stay on and fight on like the warrior I am because Chess taught me that.
Everytime I bury my head on a chess board or on, all becomes well with the world and nothing is amiss, when I face the world again, I do that with a renewed energy, with hope, grit and determination to maintain happiness regardless.
(If you know, you know).
As I hit 6k followers today?? (thanks to my amazing family of friends ?), it reminds me of growth, my chess growth, how I started out, learning the names of chess pieces thanks to Dabota_fubara, to starting preparation for a WIM title with my coach Tigran_spinoza peep him at the last slide (wish me luck ?). Someday, I hope to give another epistle on my journey to becoming a WIM ?
>>Do you play Chess?
>>What is Chess to you?
>>Who is your favourite chess player? (Mine is Magnus_carlsen but of course ??‍♀️ ?)
>>If you cannot play, do you wish to learn?
Leave me a comment on the comment section, I am all eyes and all hands to read and respond.

Written by: Amarachi

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