Chess Is More Than A Game To Me, Its is my Life

For me, Chess is more than a game. Chess is my Life! ♟️
Don’t get it twisted, I am not a gifted chess player like the likes of Magnus_carlsen Anishgiri94 Garry Kasparov, Bobby Fischer etc.
I am but a humble lover of the game of chess, with all my blunders and Zug Zwang.😍
For many: Chess is a hobby, a profession, a game they learnt to feel smarter than their folks, a game of class and prestige, a game to perfect strategy in business and combat…. the list goes on… and on…🤓

Chess for me is my peace from the storm of life, it gives me solace from the daily troubles that life throws at me. I find the will power to stay on and fight on like the warrior I am because Chess taught me that.
Everytime I bury my head on a chess board or on, all becomes well with the world and nothing is amiss, when I face the world again, I do that with a renewed energy, with hope, grit and determination to maintain happiness regardless.
(If you know, you know).
As I hit 6k followers today💃🏾 (thanks to my amazing family of friends 😘), it reminds me of growth, my chess growth, how I started out, learning the names of chess pieces thanks to Dabota_fubara, to starting preparation for a WIM title with my coach Tigran_spinoza peep him at the last slide (wish me luck 🤭). Someday, I hope to give another epistle on my journey to becoming a WIM 🥂
>>Do you play Chess?
>>What is Chess to you?
>>Who is your favourite chess player? (Mine is Magnus_carlsen but of course 🤷🏽‍♀️ 🥰)
>>If you cannot play, do you wish to learn?
Leave me a comment on the comment section, I am all eyes and all hands to read and respond.

Written by: Amarachi

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