The Metaphor Lagos

This was my second time at Themetaphorlagos and it’s quite… unsurprising that the food was just as unremarkable as the first time they served me bitter salad with stale shrimps almost 3 years ago ?

The Metaphor Lagos

Upon all the tribal marks, the mashed potatoes were still bland and i couldn’t taste even one drop of cream or butter ? The side of vegetables were also unnecessary to me because they added absolutely nothing to this dish and just seemed like an afterthought.

The ribs were the only good thing on this plate as they were tender and fell off the bone very easily. The brownie and ice-cream for dessert was nice too although a softer brownie would have been perfect. And speaking of plates, their dinnerware needs to retire because they’re chipped and wornout ??

The Metaphor Lagos

Verdict: 3/10 because let’s not even talk about the poor maintenance culture in this place. Looked like it was falling apart and that’s really sad because i was one of their first few customers when they opened and the owner gave me a tour of the space. It used to be beautiful but now… ah well

Review By: Damiedarling


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