Health Benefits of Ginger and Garlic

Ginger and Garlic are two herbs we have come to grow up with. They form an integral part of most of our foods and are treasured for their lovely taste and aroma that they give to food.  there is more to these two herbs than meets the eye, as they have a plethora of health benefits. So today, I am going to give you guys a rundown of the health benefits of ginger and garlic. After reading this post, you will have an in-depth knowledge of the health benefits of ginger and garlic that you can get if you imbibe them in your diet.

They are:

Health Benefits of Ginger


Helps to relieve Colds and Flu: In the amazing health benefits of Ginger and Garlic, one of these is that Ginger helps relive all matter of colds, flu and catarrhs, this is because ginger contains compound called sesquiterpenes that are antiseptic and anti-inflammatory in nature that act fight The common cold virus and helps relieve it.​

The same chemicals that are present in ginger are the one present as active ingredients in Common cold medications.

In addition, Ginger helps strengthen the immune system, thus providing immediate relief.

Pain Relief: Another one of the health benefits of ginger and garlic is that ginger helps relieve pain. Sufficient Research has proven that a regular intake of ginger helps in soothing certain pains.

It is advisable to use it as it prevents the unlikely side effects that conventional painkillers give. A bath with ginger and Epsom salt helps soothe muscular soreness reduction in muscular soreness.

 ​Combats Diabetes:   Another health benefit of ginger and garlic is that ginger has been linked to combating diabetes.  Scientists have associated several compounds in ginger with insulin regulation compounds and in the regulation of body metabolism.

Ginger helps reduce blood sugar levels and helps regulate the body’s insulin response in people with diabetes, especially type 2.

Garlic also helps diabetics, by reducing the level of blood sugar especially for those suffering from type 2 diabetes.

Heals erectile dysfunction:  Of all the health benefits of ginger and garlic, one of the best is that Ginger helps cure erectile dysfunction. Ginger contains Manganese potassium, which is necessary for sperm production and sex drive.

It helps trigger and releases of testosterone (the male sex hormone)

When combined with certain herbs, Ginger is believed to actively cure and treat erectile dysfunction completely.

Since erectile dysfunction indicates a hardening of the arteries in the penis, Ginger helps to stimulate more blood to the pens making it harder.

Health Benefits of Garlic


Helps increase Athletic Performance:  Garlic is believed to be one of the earliest substances in human history taken to increase performance. It is one of the numerous health benefits of ginger and garlic to enhance athletic performance.

Garlic was given to Olympic athletes in ancient Greece and was used by various ancient civilizations to reduce fatigue and increase the work output of the workers.

I recommend that you add a considerable quantity of garlic to your food for more effective energy application by your body and you should eat it raw to make effective use of its great potentials.


It is full of antioxidants:  Garlic is filled with substances called antioxidants; these Antioxidants are substances that protect your body cells from damage that they will get from free radicals. Now, these Free radicals are actually produced when your body breaks down food or when you get yourself exposed to harmful environmental conditions. Garlic can help combat this problem as it is filled with antioxidant and will defend your body cells from these free radicals. It is an added health benefit of ginger and garlic. The combined effects that garlic has  on reducing the body’s cholesterol level and blood pressure added to its antioxidant properties are believed to  greatly reduce the risk of getting brain diseases like Alzheimer’s disease and dementia

It Helps Prevent Lung Cancer:  Another one of the numerous health benefits of ginger and garlic is that garlic helps to prevent malignant cancerous growth in the lungs.  A study conducted in a 7 year period, showed that people who ate garlic cloves every week had a 44% reduced risk of having lung cancer.


It Prevents Brain Cancer: An added health benefit of ginger and garlic is that Garlic helps prevent brain cancer. It contains organosulfur compounds deemed as being effective in destroying cells associated with glioblastomas, a deadly type of cancerous brain cells

There have been three organo-sulfur compounds found in garlic so far and all three have shown efficacy in eradicating malignant cancerous cells.

It helps prevent Hypertension:   A health benefit of ginger and garlic is that Garlic helps hypertension and cardiovascular diseases like heart attacks and strokes, which are the world’s biggest killer diseases.

High blood pressure is one of the most important triggers of these diseases, but luckily, for you, Garlic is here to save the day.

Studies have shown that garlic supplements have a significant impact on reducing the blood pressure of people with high blood pressures.

In one of these studies, a 600 to 1,500 mg extract of aged garlic was found as effective as the popular drug Atenolol at reducing human blood pressure over a time range of 6 months.

Please note that you will only get the same results if you consume garlic in large quantities and make it a favourite snack of yours.

It helps detoxify the blood: At times, there is a buildup of metals in our blood to potentially damaging levels and this is where garlic comes in

If consumed in large quantities, the sulfuric compounds in the garlic clove will move to protect your various against organ damage from accumulations of heavy metals in your blood.

This is one of the numerous health benefits of ginger and garlic; it is shown that just three doses of garlic every day outperformed the drug D-penicillamine that is popular for detoxifying the blood in reducing the symptoms.



In conclusion, the health benefits of ginger and garlic consumption are very numerous and if we all make it our favourite thing to consume these herbs, they would help us to solve many of our health issues.

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Written By: William Nwokoji




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