Are Abuja Restaurants More Affordable Than Lagos Restaurants

This restaurant sits on many hectares of lands. Some spaces are used for picnics, some cabanas, indoor and alfresco dining. But asides the space, what stood out to me was the flawless service.

~Butter chicken~
~Lamb Biryani~
~Butter Naan~
~Garlic Naan~

I’ve been eating Indian food a lot in the past months in various restaurants in order to understand what the standard is and what makes what different from what. Infact, I had to call Nigerians who lived in India to eat with me in order to get their perspective and opinions.

BIRYANI – their Biryani is the best I’ve tasted yet. Biryani is almost like village rice. So it’s basmati, fish, meat and all scattered inside with a yellow color derived form saffron and milk. It is served with a yoghurt pudding called RAITA and I was having onion Raita for the first time.

BUTTER CHICKEN: it wasn’t the butteriest butter chicken but it was quite decent served with very tender chickens.

NAAN: garlic & Butter naan which is their own bread that’s used to eat their gravy’s like Butter Chicken

Northerners have an eating culture that is close to that of Indians and so Indian food is very embraced in the North unlike how it’s slowly creeping in Lagos and so they are sitting in one of their prime positions. Asides the fact that it’s positioned at an upscale part of Abuja, the menu is very affordable compared to Lagos restaurants of lower standards and their service is spotless.

Cilantroabuja is #RCAPPROVED

BUDGET (per couple):⁣ 15,000
CUISINE : Indian
BEST FOR : Dates
ADDRESS?: Ibrahim Babangida Blvd, Maitama, Abuja

Review By: Restaurantcritic_ng


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