How To Make Editan Soup

I am from Akwa Ibom and this is our native soup.
Editan soup. This is editan leaves in the picture.

Please note that editan IS NOT AFANG. Afang is okazi. Editan is called NKANKA in Igbo. Thank you.

Editan Soup

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Buy editan leaves from AkwaIbom vendors in your area.
Stock fish.
Fresh pepper

Cut editan into very tiny shreds and blend like afang(blending is not necessary)

Cut Waterleaves and prepare the rest of your condiments.
I always marinate my meat thirty minutes before cooking. it’s more delicious.
Boil water and add the editan to the boiling water and sieve it, AFTER the bitterness is gone Keep editan aside.
Cook the meat and all.
Add palm oil to the meat and allow to steam.

Cook with little water as the Waterleaves water may be too much.

Add Waterleaves, pepper, seasoning cubes, salt.
Add your editan leaves.
You can add hot leaves too for a spicy flavour.

Written By: Toiyo Abasi Ekong


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