Kapadoccia Abuja, Restaurant Review

How will I be in Abuja and not visit the most talked-about Kapadoccia (the restaurant designed like a cave), is it worth the hype? Let’s find out?

Kapadoccia is located at No 2, Kinda street, Wuse 2, Abuja.
The restaurant is highly guarded with about 5 or more security at the entrance putting on black suits (looking like Secret Service Agents ?).

Kapadoccia Abuja, Restaurant Review

2 guards were controlling the cars outside the building; ensuring no car was waiting around, probably another 2 manning the gate, another to control your parking in the building, another to lead you in and hand you over to a waiter. I was just like “oga ju”?

Let’s talk about the ambiance, they brought Turkey to Nigeria, it looks exactly like what I imagined a cave would be in 2021.

Everything looked carved out of one piece, the counter, the sitting areas, the restrooms, the see-through waterfall glass, lights, even the Air conditioning is well detailed to fit the part.

Kapadoccia Abuja, Restaurant Review


The windows of the building also have images of hot balloons giving you just that magical scene of the views of the real Cappadocia.

There are two sculpted gorillas at the entrance of the building, don’t know the story behind them but they were kinda scary for me lol, couldn’t go close to take pictures in that angle?

As for the food, seems it’s one of the most expensive restaurants in Abuja but all my meals were a hit back to back.

They have fun names for their dishes so you should let the waiter guide you and go with his recommendations, that’s if you’re not already familiar with the food.

Kapadoccia Abuja, Restaurant Review

But omo! I enjoyed every bit of my meal, They were finger-licking good!??

For Customer service, don’t even know what to rate them because it was just there, my waiter was okay. But in general, they weren’t so friendly during my visit.

Tried taking pictures outside the building before I eat so my tummy doesn’t ruin my pictures ? just for the security to say, no, I should enter first?.
Even inside the restaurant, after placing my orders, I stood up to take more pictures I could overhear the Manager (I guess) who was asking his staff why am I taking pictures before he realized I already ordered.

Kapadoccia Abuja, Restaurant Review


I’m guessing they have had cases of people just taking pictures and ordering Little or nothing, regardless they still shouldn’t be hostile to or stereotyping people taking pictures one way or the other it’s a form of free publicity for them when people post these pictures on social media platforms.

Would advise you to make reservations before visiting especially if you are visiting at late hours of the day as it is not a large space or someone might have booked the whole space for an event.

Kapadoccia Abuja, Restaurant Review


I had;
Kebab options-the chicken for starter N5,500 (very yummy)
Chargrilled Lamb chops for main dish N12,000 (very tender)
Chicken Tagliatelle for pasta options N7,000 (eh God, I felt this in my brain? e remain to lick plate??)

I didn’t order any dessert as I was full already ?.

Can’t remember the price for my Chapman and virgin mojito.

Virgin mojito and Chapman are always my go-to drinks at any restaurant, (in my opinion, those are the easiest drink not to get wrong).

Would advise you to budget 25k-30k for one person.

Kapadoccia Abuja, Restaurant Review


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