The Atrium Restaurant

Atrium restaurant is located No 32 Ekukinam Street, Utako Abuja not quite easy to locate as the address on the map will take you to another end of the street so I think they should work on that.

Oh my! I love this restaurant, super affordable than I thought. The ambiance was giving me this London street vibes, There is a section that looks like them British restaurants another section looking like Chinese restaurants with them Chinese decorations, coupled with a VIP lounge, yes a lot going on at the same time. Yet subtle and it all worked well surprisingly.

The Atrium Restaurant

The natural lights will enhance your pictures?.

The food is quality for less!! Super affordable and taste nice. My sweet corn soup was 800 naira? and delicious, steamed rice was priced 500 naira, Ojigbijigbi?.

Singapore noodles were well cooked and tasty too but my Jollof rice was just there maybe because I had it when it was cold. Didn’t like how my smoothie straw was fat, felt like I was drinking off a pipe?.

Already used to a sugary virgin mojito, seems most restaurants in Abuja like adding a lot of sugar to a virgin mojito but had to order another drink cos the virgin mojito came with alcohol which I didn’t like and couldn’t drink. The Chapman wasn’t bad too, just a little too sugary for me, I love the bottle it came in?.

The Atrium Restaurant

My bill came in those 80’s paper invoices, I was like sir, this is 2021? why are you giving me bulky papers stapled together as an invoice? How do I go through this sir??.

Also noticed there wasn’t a bag/purse stool, we can’t be putting our bags on the floor now? dining etiquette doesn’t allow us to put them on the table.

Customer service was not bad but had to drag it with my waiter after he brought my bill and I requested a takeaway pack since I couldn’t finish my meals.

The Atrium Restaurant

Not only do they want me to pay for the pack which I had no problem with since that’s how most Nigerian restaurants are, but also want me to pay additional VAT on the takeaway pack. Omo!

They also have a live band section every Friday, what is not to love about this place?
Surely visiting this restaurant again when next time I visit Abuja.

6k for one person


The Atrium Restaurant

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