Spine and Label Bookstore Abuja


Spine_and_label is a bookstore located in Kado. They have a wide range of books and a stunning view. They recently commenced their membership plans so I stopped by again following my first post here.

Basically the membership now gives you access to this bookstore to work, read, have meetings or just enjoy the quietness and view. Daily membership costs N1,000, this gives you access to the space. Of course you can always buy a book to gain access to the space.

Now the long term membership goes at N10,000 monthly, N54,000 bi-annually and N96,000 annually. The monthly membership allows you access to the space, access to select books and a free mug. Keep swiping to see more of the membership plans and offers.

Spine and Label Bookstore Abuja

So I got you guys a discount! Spine_and_label is offering a 10% discount to the first 10 people who sign up for membership.

Btw tea and coffee is available at this bookstore. To shop books you can stop by their store or check out their website, they are a bookstore after-all ?

LOCATION: 3rd Floor Rhema Mall Kado, slightly opposite NAF Con

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