La Taverna: Best Places To Eat Spanish Food In Abuja


La_taverna_abuja is a Spanish restaurant located at the Statement Hotel. I was hosted to the most amazing food experience by Cchefthabo here recently.

Prawns al ajillo N4,500
Broccoli (Chard) N3,500
Fish of the Day N7,500
Asado de lomo (steak) N7,000
Margarita pizza N4,000
Sangria (full jug) N7,500
Bread (complimentary)

First of all, every dish was so tasty, a hit! My top favorites was definitely the fish of the day, so flavorful and juicy. It was served on a bed of vegetables and a sauce that took it to the next level, every bite tasted like heaven! I also loved the Asado de lomo, a very interesting dish both in platting and execution. While the dish might look like it’s three steaks, one of the steaks is actually made of potatoes, it tasted amazing, loved the texture especially. Every component of this dish just worked so well together. Only thing I wanted was more pepper ?.


The prawn dish was another one I loved, the spices and seasoning were very evident and well done. Now the broccoli took me by surprise! You see the sauce served on the dish? It gave the broccoli a mind blowing upgrade, I wanted more! I have to add that the sauces served on all meals were simply amazing, this stood out to me.

The food was paired with a jug of sangria which was the perfect drink to go with the meals. I have to give it to chef Thabo, the plating of his food is impeccably unique, definitely his special style and touch.

La_taverna_abuja is perfect for date night or dinner. It has a rooftop seating area too. I especially love how the sunset reflects through the restaurant’s glass windows. The decor is very instagramable, great for those perfect pictures. You have to take a picture at the wooden door or with the wall of frames.

LOCATION: The 5th floor of the Statement Hotel, Central Area.

Source: Abuja Lifestyle


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