Best And Affordable Restaurants In Abuja


First of all, affordability is relative, it’s highly based on one’s pocket and priorities. Nevertheless y’all have been asking. So here’s a list of restaurants that you can enjoy life with a budget of N5 – N8k for two ?. Kindly tap each handle for full address and reviews, thank you.

1. Annsabujaa
This is one spot you actually wouldn’t expect to be affordable based on their ambiance and location in Maitama but they are ?. Try their chicken wrap or chicken strips at N2,500.

Anns Restaurant & Bar, Maitama Abuja

2. Bbocadosquickeats
These serve Nigerian and Chinese food. Try one of their sizzling hotpot sauces, a side of rice, spring rolls and Chapman. A budget of N6k works great for two.

Bocados Quick Eats, Abuja

3. Novembercubes
They open 24/7 and deliver. The seating space is not huge but it works for eating in. Btw it’s their location opposite Paygreens. Try their Ofada or Jollof rice and zobo ?

November Cubes Restaurant Abuja

4. Grills_101
A great spot for masa! They have the most amazing barbecue chicken wings for N1,500. Their Gwarinpa branch is classier.

Grills 101, Central Area Abuja

5. Meerahscafeng
A food truck that opens for 24 hours and delivers. Try their Chicken Shawarma at N1,650 ?

Meerahs Cafe Abuja

6. Greenchillisteakhouse
Located in Kado, they have amazing salads and steaks. Try the chicken salad at N2,500.

Green Chilli Steakhouse Abuja

7. Skippersng is the plug for Nigerian dishes and pastries at affordable prices. Their Ofada rice, special fried rice and small chops are favorites.

Skipper Fast Food

8. Woodashbistro
Located in Gwarinpa, they offer 3 course meals at just N5,000 (excluding vat) from various menu options on different days. They only open on Tuesdays and Fridays from 12pm-5pm and you have to make reservations ahead.

Wood Ash Bistro, Abuja

9. Mama.ashabi
They serve Nigerian food and swallows. You have to try their ewa agoyin. I recommend takeout and delivery for this spot.

10. Thefoodvilleng is the prettier space on the 2nd floor of the Place. They serve Nigerian and continental food and also cocktails.

The Food Ville Abuja

Have you been to any of these restaurants? Let’s talk in the comments

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