Waffle Way: Your Breakfast Spot In Abuja


Wafflestop is back! Now rebranded as Wafflewayng. I stopped by recently for breakfast. Is it ever too late for breakfast? Definitely not.
Waffle Breakfast Meal N5,500
Flu Breaker Tea N1,800


I believe this meal speaks for itself ?. Loved the abundance of berries. The waffles were smooth and fluffy too. I would have liked my eggs salty as opposed to sweet but next time I’ll request for this. Now the tea was amazing, the ginger was so strong, loved it!
I noticed a difference in the decor of the space, love the wooden furnishing, the touch of orange and the charging points ?

Waffle Way Your Breakfast Spot In Abuja

45 Gana Street, Maitama Abuja ⁣

Review By: Abuja Lifestyle


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