Gilt RoofTop Restaurant Lagos

Gilt Lagos is located at Chevron inside Atlantic center. Ambiance is quite spacious and very cozy in the early hours of the day as I heard it turns into a nightlife club thingy. Ideal for lounging and relaxing after work hours.


Gilt RoofTop Restaurant Lagos

Customer service is 6/10. Although My waitress was very friendly and patient. Even asking about the service and meals and where they can improve.

They made me wait for 2 hours and ended up paying double the bill as they claimed the pos reversed the first one whereas I was debited without a reversal.

Had to make another payment for the same bill because I couldn’t wait any longer for a reversal.

Gilt RoofTop Restaurant Lagos

Although they wrote they are open by noon on their page, they open by 4 pm and it takes another 1 hour for your meals to be ready. If you are starving, just order a fast meal like fries and a burger.

Also if you don’t like the idea of someone smoking around you, I definitely won’t recommend it here as no smoking room and someone sitting close to you can be puffing in your space, and combined with the AC, it will help you choke more?.

Gilt RoofTop Restaurant Lagos

Gilt RoofTop Restaurant Lagos (2)

The pasta wasn’t as creamy as I was expecting and wasn’t probably done but manageable probably because I visited when they were still settling in for the day.

The burger was okay, nothing special, just the regular burgers, wondering why I was charged 6800 for something very regular. Mojito was nice the biggest bottle I’ve ever been served in restaurants.

Gilt RoofTop Restaurant Lagos

The tutti Frutti, don’t know where to place it between milkshake, smoothie, or ice cream..somewhere in between. Sincerely wished I ordered something else but it was okay, just didn’t go well with my creamy pasta.


Gilt RoofTop Restaurant Lagos

What I had:
Chicken pesto pasta N7500
Guilty burger N6800
Virginia Mojito N4000
Tuti Fruiti N4000

Gilt RoofTop Restaurant Lagos (2)

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