Mambaah Cafe, Abuja

?Maitama Amusement Park, Abuja

On this fateful day I was actually going for an event but I stopped here briefly to meet up with the beautiful Midemaps ?

This place is so different from the norm and I love it! Mambaahcafe has a beautiful rustic ambiance with African art and pottery around different spots. From my posts you know by now how much I love art! I absolutely love serene soothing effect of this place with the bamboo and raffia themed furniture.

There are nice cozy areas for you to work, relax, have breakfast/lunch/dinner dates, or just come to chill with friends. There’s this place in the first picture that allows couples to have their cozy private time in their own private cubicles. You’re welcome ?

Haven’t tried their food yet as I was in a hurry but I know their food and drinks are very affordable. Will definitely be visiting soon.

Have you been to Mambaahcafe ? What was your experience like?

Review By: Hotperidot


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