Oceans5 By Riviera

Why I will not call Oceans5byriviera a fine dining:

There are various factors you look out for when trying to determine if you are getting a fine dining experience especially attention to detail. I won’t deny that it was a flawless experience but spelling my name as ‘Ugu’ left me thinking ?.

Speaking of flawless, the saxophonist was amazing.

This restaurant offers…..
Multi-course ✔️
Elegant design ✔️
Wait staff attentiveness and poise ✔️
Great food ✔️
Sophisticated atmosphere for upscale dressing ✔️
Attention to detail ❔(I’ll leave this open)

This is the type of restaurant you want to show up looking sophisticated to else you might feel out of place.

We had multiple dishes to taste and at no point did I feel the need for anything to be adjusted.

Some of the meals I’ve had multiple times were improved here like the smoked butter chicken and then you wonder to what extent have you not tasted other cultures food.

What stood out for me was the sushi burger. The buns were made with rice, the patty made with fish with soy dipping, it was delicious. And the Chicken Spinoccoli was chicken stuffed with broccoli and spinach which was a foodies delight.

I experienced a finer dining than most but I can’t quite say that it’s ‘FINE DINING’ else I kill my glorious imagination of a fine dining experience. Ocean5 is a ‘CONTEMPORARY RESTAURANT(a recent off shoot of the fine dining concept)’ because it relies heavily on visual appeal (though taste is also important) and caters mostly an Instagram generation.

Ocean 5 is an amazing contemporary dining restaurant with great food, amazing service, affordable price point, amazing ambience and amazing music.


BUDGET (per couple):⁣ 25.000-30,000
CUISINE : Multi-Course
BEST FOR : Fine Dates
ADDRESS?: 20, Elsie Femi Pearse street, VI.

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Review By: Restaurantcritic_ng


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