10 Best Restaurants To Celebrate Your Birthday In Lagos


I get this question every other day in my DM and I think it’s time to make a post everyone can refer to.

If you think I left any out, kindly add in the comment section.??

10 Best Restaurants To Celebrate Your Birthday In Lagos

Thebalcony.lagos : this place has shortlet apartments that you can stay in while you plan your events at the rooftop restaurant.

Officialspurnigeria : Spur is a family restaurant with meal options and platters that are affordable for groups.

Ranglapunjabng : if you say “I’m on a budget”, this is the first place I’ll mention to you. With a Sunday buffet of 6,500 and an individual spend of 4-7k, this restaurant knows how to work with your budget when you have a gathering of people.

26diner : this restaurant has a menu that’s perfect for sharing and generally an affordable restaurant that you can call and they’ll advice based on your budget.

Scotchbonnetrestaurants : this restaurant is one that can create a buffet just for your event, they also have a buffet for Sunday’s and menu that’s pocket friendly.

Cafedeelyontravels : this place has an initimate space on the rooftop and so it’s good for a closed event. Asides that I’ve asked friends many times to call in and they make it happen with their budget.

10 Best Restaurants To Celebrate Your Birthday In Lagos

NO BUDGET? No problem!
Turakalagos : they even can set up a special tasting for you if you want to serve a particular kind of menu at your event. With a beautiful view and rooftop space, this place will be memorable.

Medusa.lagos : breathtaking ambience and a lounge upstairs, you can move your party from dinner to club in this beautiful restaurant that has a bar that should be studied.

Ox.restobar : so reviews have been faultless. The ambience is upscale and they offer space for private dining for events.

Theobservatorylagos : I love the menu here, it’s a fusion restaurant in every sense of it. The meals are properly thought through and whatever you do, visit this place at night to enjoy the beauty of the ambience.

Koilagosofficial : Currently one of the most expensive restaurants in Lagos and they have a special section for celebrations.

There’ll be a follow up post but for now mainlanders.

10 Best Restaurants To Celebrate Your Birthday In Lagos

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