Buttermilk, Lagos

Buttermilk is located at Atlantic Mall Chevron Drive. First, the number of waiters compared to space is something, (which could have been a good thing). I just didn’t like the fact they were all walking about, tbh I will say aimlessly because I visited when there were few guests so I was wondering where they were walking to and fro. Couldn’t even take pictures in peace, “excuse me” here and there…

Buttermilk, Lagos

The couch-to-table ratio is something else, I wasn’t comfortable at all, the table was far and it’s not a table you can move around.
It looked great for aesthetics however, the real purpose was defeated, I felt like a small child because the table was too high for the seats. (P.S I’m 5’8 tall) Now imagine most ladies in the same scenario…

The food is very nice, the presentation is okay as well, plus freshly made which is great.
But why are my chips chopped in that manner??

Buttermilk, Lagos

The meals and drinks are overpriced, how is milkshake N4,500 FFS, I overlooked the price because I thought it would come in that big bottle with all those senrenren, just for me to see an ordinary milkshake with sprinkles on it, which I should have been asked if I wanted sprinkles on my milkshake or not.

Also, I ordered two milkshakes (banana and vanilla), the banana milkshake was just a vanilla milkshake with 3 slices of banana on it??‍♀️
My lasagna was very watery and the serving spoon wasn’t strong enough, the entire meal was a struggle?

Buttermilk, Lagos

For their customer service, 2/10. No enthusiasm at all, like they were being forced to work there. The fact that they don’t have a physical/virtual menu is simply unacceptable.

I was being told to go to their IG page to have access to their menu, omo wahala for who no get IG account ?

One other thing that pissed me off is paying for packs separately, (as I paid for foil pack, box my leftover was kept) and also why am I paying for a paper bag that carries your branding!?!?!

Buttermilk, Lagos

That is just absurd!

Also, they should work on sanitizing the space in sessions daily, I was fighting off few flies trying to perch on my meals, so irritating.

Honestly, this restaurant deserves 3/10 cos I spent so much and got little in quality and service.

Everything is not about IG likable pictures.

15k for 1 person

Buttermilk, Lagos

Buttermilk, Lagos

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