Neena Foodie


Meenafoodie is an online Breakfast Kitchen in Abuja that delivers amazing breakfast Meals and platters.

I tried one of their boxes recently and loved it. The box came with a condensed milk bun, a croissant, egg omelette, orange juice, greek yoghurt, baked beans, an apple, tea and sugar, all freshly made!

Neena Foodie

The top favorites from this box for me was the condensed milk bun, gosh it was so soft and creamy. The yoghurt as well was amazing, unsweetened greek yoghurt and actually tasted freshly made, the texture was just right! I loved the egg omelette too, I kept trying to figure out what she put inside because my eggs made at home don’t taste like this at all! The croissant was amazing, it was light, soft and buttery!

The cost was N6,500 for this box. The prices ranges though and can be customized based on what you’d like in your box. Check out the menu on their page. Items can also be ordered separately, if you’re considering this, I’d say go for the yoghurt, condensed milk bun or croissant. The yoghurt is N1,000 and Croissant N700

Neena Foodie

I love the idea behind this business btw, the owner said the idea was born out of the fact that when she worked a 9-5, she never had time for breakfast as she resumed early. How awesome is this, for my 9-5ers Meenafoodie has got you!

Meenafoodie is open from 6am to 1pm daily and delivers from Life Camp, Abuja

What’s your favorite breakfast option? Do you eat breakfast?

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