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I found a West African Restaurant in Lagos | New Restaurant ?

Can I start by saying #RCAPPROVED ?

This is for 3 reasons;
Respect ✊?

I remember frantically looking for restaurants that sell only Ghanaian food not knowing I’d find the whole of West Africa in one single place. So here’s it…

African foods are made of the same elements just remixed here and there. I went with my Ajala friend so he could help accertain if it tasted anything like the original dishes from their countries.

????? (#RCAPPROVED menu)
THEIBOU YAPP(Chep-yap) – Senegal ??
WAAKYE (wachie)- Ghana ??
PIRON ROUGE – Benin ??

FOUTOU BANANE ?? – the soup not only looks but tastes like banga soup. It’s eaten with pounded ripe plantain and yam.

THEIBOU YAPP ?? – this is one of the types of Senegalese jollof served with ram meat. This beats Nigeria Jollof(Uju said it). This is a dish I can eat everyday like jollof rice. The flavors are bright and from what I learned it’s not even made with ingredients like curry rather various types of fresh vegetables and fragranced rice but with Senegal’s reputation for having a lot of heat in their food, this wasn’t spicy. That ram meat was tender and well marinated ?.

PIRON ROUGE ?? – after all the jabs Igbos have chopped for using red oil in garri, who knew that the cousins of western Nigerians even adds salt and pepper and make a whole jollof out of Eba. If I hear anyone speak about yellow garri lowly again, I’ll change it?. Anyways, this dish was beautiful. It was served with ayamashe sauce, chicken and bell peppers. Who knew eba could be an exquisite dish.

WAAKYE ?? – I had very high expectations of this dish. It tastes a little dry but the tilapia fish stew and pepper sauce made it better but this dish is made up of rice, beans, yellow garri, coleslaw, shitoh and stew. (Since they have Twitter naa, at least we have food ?)

RESTAURANT : @1504restaurant

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