Ofada Boy Restaurant

Guess who visited the famous Ofadaboy ! Me me me me and me 😉

First and foremost the best way to locate this place is to go to their IG profile, click the map link on their bio and use it. If you leave your trip in the hands of Uber or Taxify, be thou not shocked when your trip fare is twice the estimate cause the spot is not easy to find and the map would mess you up.

Ofada Boy

Oya, let’s dive into the review… usual, the gist yapa!

The space: I like the traditional feel to this spot, the pretty wooden furniture and the traditional paintings, lovely! There’s this African feel to Ofadaboy and although I’m not the most patriotic citizen (don’t blame me blame the naira), I do appreciate it.
The ambience was ok, it looks like a spot that does get crowdy so I’ll suggest they find a way to manage this. The flies here ehn……they graduated from MIT, even tho all outdoor restaurants face this battle and I could have eaten indoors, I still can’t overlook the fact that I had to be fighting mortal kombat with some stubborn flies 😅

Ofada Boy

The food: Although they have quite an interesting menu (traditional meals), I just had to try their signature meal (Ofada rice). During my visit we had Seafood Ofada and Ofada Yo.
Ofadaboy I’ll like to suggest having 3 levels to this pepper thing (I noticed they have regular and spicy) but OMO some of us can’t handle the regular pepper well even tho we love it. After one spoon, I ran after the waiter cause he was delaying on bringing water and my head was already ringing my pepper emergency 🚨 as a baby girl needed water. They were generous on the seafood portioning, it was served separately and had quite a couple of seafood like calamari, snail, freshly cooked croaker fish, crab and Prawn (ps: I no dey chop crab 🦀 😅). For N5,500 I think it was a fair deal 😌. The Ofada yo tasted ok (same Ofada sauce) but was served with beef, moi moi, and an egg, it goes for N3k. Overall it gets an average score from me, it was fine but didn’t blow my mind.

Ofada Boy

The drinks: Now we are talking 😅😉, I drank palm wine guys. Please that’s like the stamp of being Nigerian for me and if you haven’t had palm wine, please add ma to my name 😂😅. On a serious note, it was lovely. I honestly can’t judge much cause I’ve only had palm wine twice in my whole life so I’m no pro on this matter but I enjoyed it. They also have cocktails but I wanted palmy so no comments on that!

The service: Ofadaboy service was good, I almost got irritated cause the waiters were too far off and I legit had to walk to them the first time but I told them how uncool it was that I have to leave my food to get a waiter’s attention and after that they always came around to ensure we were ok. They reacted professionally to my complaint.

Ofada Boy

My verdict:
Cool traditional place to visit every now then, but is it worth the hype 👀? Not 💯.
I’d recommend you visit tho, it’s a lovely experience and who knows your pepper game might be doper than mine 😌
There are quite a couple of ‘rooms’ for improvement but honestly they are doing pretty well for a mainland restaurant- no judgement.

Review By: Bellaexplores


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