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Livingroomabj is a new cafe in town. True to its name, this cafe is modeled after an actual living room. The sofa, TV, table, books, plants and Netflix option are all the little details that come together to make this spot very cozy and homely. The decor of this cafe is definitely soothing and aesthetically pleasing. By the way, The music playlist here is good, it’s not too loud either, which is perfect.


Livingroomabj is modeled after an actual living room. They really nailed this concept because this cafe definitely gives off a homely vibe. The fact that this cafe is quiet and comes with free WiFi, makes this a great spot to get some work done or catch up with friends.

I had lunch with a few foodies last week and it was amazing! The Menu is very straightforward, simple and reasonably priced. We had:
Peppered Chicken Wings N3,000
Sweet Thai Wings N3,000
Spaghetti Bolognese N4,000
Quesadillas N3,400
Asun & Yam N3,400
Crepes N2,800
Blended Ice Coffee-Choco N2,500
Lemon Ice Tea N1,400

As a fan of spicy food, the peppered chicken wings were especially my favorite, it was really the right amount of seasoning and pepper to give it a kick! The blended ice coffee choco came with extra whipped cream and it was absolutely amazing! It was thick, creamy, and not too sweet. The Bolognese was filling and very nice. The lemon ice tea also stood out for me too, definitely recommend! Another favorite was the asun, loved that it was very tender. The yam was off though but the asun made up for that. The crepe was sweet and banana fresh.

Livingroomabj has free WiFi!! So if you’re looked for a quiet spot to get your work done, check it out! I also learnt that camera pictures are allowed.

Location: 1 Thaba Tseka Street Wuse 2

What do you think of Livingroomabj? Do let me know if you check this place out

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