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We recently tried the most amazing cake slices from Slicedbydecadent. The cakes slices were so moist and creamy! See that last slide, plates were licked o, it was that good!

We had four flavors:
Cookie – Dough Cheesecake N2,000
Epic Chocolate N1,600
Fantastic Four N1,600
Red Velvet N1,600

Our top favorite was the cheesecake, absolutely amazing! This was the creamiest. The chocolate cake was another favorite, wow, the way the cake sponge melts in one’s mouth is amazing!

Slicedbydecadent is an online cake vendor. They offer full cakes and cake slices. Slice days are Wednesday and Saturday while whole cakes are available from Tuesday to Saturday within a 48 hour notice.

We also took a tour of their bakery to see the process behind these tasty cakes. The kitchen smelled heavenly as you’d imagine. It was also well organized and neat. Do check out our stories for a tour.

They also deliver! You absolutely have to try their cakes, one of the best!

If you have a birthday, party or craving for some sweet mouth Slicedbydecadent is where to go.

Written By: Abuja Lifestyle

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