Sketch Restaurant Lagos

Sketch Lagos (Most sought after restaurant at the moment 😁)

Can we all agree that Lagos is ready for Sketch and we can’t wait for them to open their doors 💃💃

One thing we didn’t see coming in April is a 2D/3D restaurant In fact I didn’t see it coming this year 😅

I was invited to try out the meals at Sketch Lagos before their official opening; it was such a pleasant treat and based on the meals I can say that their kitchen is ready for us!
Dining here is an experience!
I wouldn’t be doing a deep dive into the meals yet because I personally want to experience Sketch Lagos again

Please if your goal is to mess up the walls with oil and crayons; we hereby cast and bind 😩

Are you looking forward to Sketch’s opening?
Or are you team crayons and palm oil🙄


Coming SOON 🔜

Review By: Bellaexplores


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