The Corner Restaurant Lagos


The Corner Restaurant Lagos

Thecornerlagos is so appropriately named because you could actually miss it right around the corner it’s situated. We had some difficulty taking pictures and videos, and we were told we would have to make an order first (Apparently, that’s a common problem they face where people just come, take photos, and dip????)

We started off with their Citrus BBQ chicken wings (which they recommended), and that was the star of the show. The chicken has this fusion of BBQ sauce and Citrus juice, which gives it the sweet and sour blend, kind of like waffles and chicken. An 8/10❤️

The Corner Restaurant Lagos

Their chilli chicken Burrito didn’t hit the spot, though. Maybe they had more of the “mende mende” and less of the chicken. 5/10

Their cocktails were fire, though. Really loved the Mai Tai. The service was great and the wait time was about 20 ish minutes although we didn’t have the most tasking meals.

All in all, Thecornerlagos is definitely worth your visit. They also do Karaoke on Thursdays.

The Corner Restaurant Lagos

????: Thecornerlagos
Onijekuje Verdict: Worth a Visit✅️

Citrus BBQ Chicken Wings – 4,000
Chilli Chicken Burrito – 4,500
Mai Tai – 4,500
Evening Sunrise – 5,000

Review By:  Onijekuje


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