The Face of Tourism In The Entire South East

Meet John Chime also known as @ou_travel_and_tour
The face of tourism in The entire South East!
The Face of Tourism In The Entire South East
Just a quick story, as early as 2014 before we ever thought of anything like Campus Hikers or 042instameet which later became hikerstrail that you know today.
I casually went online to research some major tourism hotspots in Enugu and what I saw didn’t impress me, it was just the usual list of the already popular locations but I continued my search further until I stumbled upon a blog called Oyibo Ugbo and it has rich contents which were mostly foreign tourism locations but it also put a lot of efforts into hills and locations in Awgu that I’ve never heard before. Places like Mmaku Hills, Ugwueme, Oyibo, and so on. They also wrote about festivals in the Southeast and other important events.
I got very excited and immediately tried to reach out to the writer on Twitter, I sent some messages about how interested I was in knowing more about these locations. But sadly I didn’t get any response.
Well, as time flew by, sometime around 2018 I was opportune to meet this beautiful soul for the very first time. He’s one of the kindest humans alive, so soft-spoken and always true to his words. We instantly formed a strong bond and have since then been very close business associates and friends.
He is a walking, talking Tourism Enthusiast. In a simple conversation with him, you will see how much he loves and appreciates nature and tourism in particular. He has visited almost all the tourist locations in Nigeria. ALL of them! And he’s not done yet.
He is the brain behind most of our explorations, he goes to search out these locations, meets with the locals, and softens the ground for our scouting team. He is so generous, doesn’t hide any tourism location or detail, not just to us but to every other Tour agency down here. He is phenomenal.
Today, we want to appreciate this extraordinary human being. We hope he will someday get the recognition he deserves for believing so much in the tourism potentials of the Southeast and going ahead to spearhead this massive movement that has swept every Onye Igbo All over the globe to come home.

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