A-Class Restaurant


Aclassrestaurant is very classy”! I stopped by for a lunch meetup last week and the whole time I kept thinking this!

A-Class Restaurant


The dark wooden decor and the hanging lights definitely gave off an expensive and refined vibe. The restaurant is very spacious, I do love how the seats are spaced far apart, this way one can have private conversations without ease-droppers. I also want to add that this restaurant is very airy, not sure how to explain this but the seating arrangement makes the air in this space very refreshing. Aclassrestaurant has both outdoor and indoor seating

For some reason I had hoped to see different and unique food options given the vibe of the restaurant. Now while the menu was quite diverse, it had the usual food options you’d find in most restaurants and also a good number of Lebanese dishes too. The prices are standard and fair, you can check out the full menu on their page.

A-Class Restaurant

Pictured here is the:
Taouk Sandwich N2,500
Strawberry Daiquiri N2,500

I wasn’t hungry so I only had the daiquiri and it was amazing, probably one of my top favorites ever. The lemon was very evident in the drink and it wasn’t too sweet either, which is how I like my Mocktails. My date had the Taouk and said it was salty, I didn’t taste it to confirm ??‍♀️. This dish looks like a tooshed sharwarma?though.

Service was actually slow, my drink took quite a while to arrive that I had to follow up. So this could definitely use some improvement.

A-Class Restaurant

Guess who was there when I stopped by? Well, none other than our very own former Senator Dino Melaye who showed up with a matching red belt and shoe ?.

Also I just have to commend the handler of this restaurants IG page! There’s enough pictures of the food, drinks, the space and even people in this space, to give a feel of the restaurant, nicely done ??. This is how it should be!

Location: A-Class Park, along Kashim Ibrahim Way, Maitama

Have you been to Aclassrestaurant! What was your experience?

Review By: Abuja Lifestyle


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