Tukur Tukur Snake Farm


We checked out this cool spot along the Abuja- Keffi Expressway. This place has a variety of snakes amongst other animals. I went in company of Waka_waka_nnenna

I spotted different snakes such as a cobra, black mamba, python. There was a snake charmer on ground. Apparently he’s the only one that come in contact with the snakes. He wears a ring which keeps the snakes from bitting him. Omo fear catch me sha and the Nigerian in me knows na jew jew him dey use ?. Nevertheless this guy deserves his accolades!

Snake Farm

There are other animals such as Ostriches, Monkeys, Porcupines, and healthy looking camels and horses, unfortunately I didn’t capture this. Those animals definitely looked well fed though.

This spot also has a restaurant that serves Nigerian food and cabanas which offer great spots to lounge. There’s also a play area for children. Note that alcohol is not sold here and there is a slightly strong smell of urine from all the animals.

Entry Fee was N600 (per head) and an addition of N300 for the snake charmer to bring out the snakes, which you can hold and take a picture with. It’s open from 9am – 5pm daily. Please do go early to avoid the Mararaba traffic.

It’s located along the Abuja-Keffi Expressway, about a 15 minute drive from landmarks such as Goshen and Bingham University. Google Maps Tukur Tukur Farms. For private and group tours, do send a DM or email

So what do you think so far? Would you pose with the snakes?

Source: Abuja Lifestyle

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