Quid By De Brit, Lagos


Lots of visits here and there to Quidbydebrit   on here and was difficult to find which to use but decided on this.
As it seems with most places in Lagos, try make a reservation before heading there to avoid disappointment.

Quid By De Brit, Lagos

They have very nice and respectful staff. Speed was also not a problem. Also love their rooftop bar, do check that out if you’re headed there. You can have drinks and recieve wonderful fresh breeze they’ll soon start asking us to pay for in Lagos.

Quid By De Brit, Lagos

Also love, love, love the ambience and they get top marks for that. Wish I had more pics of that but if taking wonderful glowing pictures of yourself is a priority when going out, then definitely this place should be high up for you.

Quid By De Brit, Lagos

First slide is just a sexy pic?. Second- the lamb chop with vegetables and fries. Third- the spaghetti bolognese. Great job with the lamb and spaghetti. Would have loved just a bit more crisp with the fries though ?.

Quid By De Brit, Lagos

The fourth and fifth slides are the Daiquiri and Strawberry Milkshake. At 5k a pop, we do wonder if that’s just a tad bit overpriced but we’ll, ultimately we’re in Buharis economy and it’s not much to haggle about especially when they tasted excellent.
All in all, a worthwhile visit?

Quid By De Brit, Lagos

?: Quidbydebrit
Onijekuje Verdict: Worth a visit ✅

Lamb chop with vegetable and fries- 10,000
Spaghetti Bolognese- 5,000
Daiquiri- 5,000
Strawberry Milkshake- 5,000

Reviews By: Onijekuje


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