Amazonia restaurant: The Foreger’s Experience


I was recently hosted on a tour of “the foreger’s experience” in Amazonia restaurant. It was a test run. The experience can best be described as a fusion of gastronomy, technology and theatre.

The restaurant has an almost floor_to_ceiling screens that serve as walls with high definition projectors altering the surrounding as you eat. The music blended well with the 360 degree projections giving the entire space a cinematic vibe. There were technical issues but I understand it was a test run but it was eventually fixed

We had a 3 course meal and I definitely enjoyed almost every dish but the fish, it was my least favorite. The Giant Prawns and Wanton soup were tops on my list of favorite meals, the salads were also top faves.

Service was great as the chef, Chef SK took us through every meal and explained some condiments and inspirations behind each meal.

This is a “Bespoke” fine dinning experience and attracts a fee of 25,000 per person. The room takes a minimum of 5 people. Expect a 3 course meal that comes with water and sparkly wine.

I’ll suggest,
1). They fix the screen well before opening to the public.
2) To add dramatism with food like introducing elements of fire, smoke and dry ice to match the projections and wow diners.
3).Music must remain jazz or mystical to maintain the cinematic vibe. (No Nigerian songs pls).

I must commend Amazonia_abuja for pushing culinary experience beyond our usual norm. This experience reminds me of Sublimotionibiza

?7 Hombari street, Wuse 2. Amazonia_abuja abuja

Review By: Waka_Waka_Nnenna


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