? TAK Continental Estate – 11 Aliyu Mohammed Road, Life Camp Abuja, Nigeria⁣⁣
This is a total upgrade from the Clubhouse you used to know and I got to have a full experience of this space with some of my fellow food bloggers and lifestyle bloggers, from the gym, the pool, the mini zoo and the restaurant and it was definitely a great experience.⁣

But this post is dedicated to the food experience. I absolutely loved every single thing here but most especially the 5th slide. If you visit make sure you try the grilled chicken suya. I can’t remember the last time I had chicken that tasted this good, it was well marinated, I loved it! ⁣


You should visit clubhouse soon and I would love you to share your experience with me.⁣
⁣My next post would give you a tour of Clubhouse and also a glimpse of the amazing time I had ?⁣


?????? ?? ?????? ⁣

Malay Noodles with Chicken – 4,100⁣
Crispy Wings – 2,600⁣
Pepperoni Pizza – 4,000⁣
Dynamite Shrimps – 3,900⁣
Half Grilled Chicken Suya – 3,000⁣
Chef’s Salad – 3,500⁣
Batter-Fried Plantains – 2,000⁣
Oriental Shrimp Salad – 3,500⁣
Chocolate Fondant – 2,600⁣


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