Bolivar Bar Lagos


Bolivar Bar Lagos

We took a trip to Bolivarbarlagos for a quick dinner. Started off with the beef steak which (sorry to say) came out looking like a Whitewalker died on it??. They’re so many jokes we could come up with. Maybe it got caught up when Kingjames was doing his pre-game chalk toss up cos what is this ashiness????‍??‍?

Bolivar Bar Lagos

It tasted much much better than it looked though and wasn’t as dry as you might think but you do eat with your eyes and we feel the presentation could have been better ngl. Deicide to have dodo (yes it should be called dodo, not plantain) as the side

The drinks were straight up?? tho. We were reluctant to have the passion fruit daiquiri which the waiter recommended but it turned out to be so good?. Also had a strawberry daiquiri cos an Onijekuje outing isn’t complete without one of course.

Bolivar Bar Lagos

Good quick customer service and the fact the food actually tasted fairly good just push Bolivarbarlagos over the edge for us so yeah definitely check them out if you’re around that area.
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?: Bolivarbarlagos
Onijekuje Verdict: (Just) Worth a visit ??✅️

Bolivar Bar Lagos

Beef steak- 10,500
Jollof rice- 1800
Passion fruit Daiquiri- 4800
Strawberry Daiquiri- 4800

Bolivar Bar Lagos

Reviews By: Onijekuje


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