Mulby Mart


We recently checked out a new supermarket! Mulbymart is a premium shopping experience located on Gana Street! Walking into the this supermarket, the first thing that’ll catch your attention is their chocolate section! Woosh where are all my sweet tooths! Mulby Mart stocks a range of chocolate treats from several foreign brands.

Another thing that stands out is the neat arrangement of the groceries! The walls, floors, columns and ceiling are very nice, gives it a refined vibe actually.

This supermarket also has a well packed meat section! We’re talking nice and well packaged cuts of various types of meat. And how can we forget their ice cream section, there were so many options! And then there’s the bread, it looked amazingly fresh! We were also informed that a pastry corner is currently in the works, really looking forward to this.

LOCATION: 33B Gana Street, Maitama Abuja

For all your grocery needs, do check out Mulbymart!

Written By: Abuja Lifestyle

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