Top 5 Restaurants To Take Your Date To In Lagos

It’s easy to see all the adverts and lists and wonder “where do I even go to?, where do I start from?”⁣

If you want to start, I believe you should start with a bang.⁣⁣⁣
Since we have been away for so long here is short list for a few places to start from.⁣⁣
Here are my Top 5 restaurants to get a whole new experience and to get your foodie adrenaline fired up.⁣
1. Pitstoplagos – Pitstop is a cycling inspired restaurant and you will get an opportunity to blend your smoothie while Cycling. Also, their menu is very humorous and so you won’t leave without feeling pumped up.⁣
?: 15,000/couple avg.⁣
2. Wingsvillegrill : once it on water, by the water, in the water, count me in!!! There’s nothing more romantic than the water and a pack of 10 chicken wings for only 2,500. Tell me about affordable luxury.⁣⁣
?: 5,000/couple avg.⁣
3. Noirlagos : if you like very fine dining that is upscale and memorable, Noir is definitely the spot for a luxurious and calm date⁣. ( Hold Nnamdi Azikiwe’s photographs ? plis dear)⁣
?: 30,000/couple⁣

4. Purplebistrolagos : if you are a waka waka like me and you’ve been to many places then this might be a fresh start for you because they opened right before the lockdown⁣.⁣⁣
? : 15,000/couple avg.⁣
5. Maisonkayser_ng : it surprises me when I hear the amount of people who haven’t been to this place but it’s a must visit. (Whatever you do, try thier Icecream and tag me!!!)⁣ Also ask questions well so you don’t buy vegetarian dishes without knowing)⁣
?: 15,000/couple or less ⁣

~⁣Tag a restaurant you recommend~⁣

Written By: Restaurantcritic_ng


Affordable Restaurants In Lagos

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