Thai Thai Restaurant, Lagos

Thai Thai is located at Kofo Abayomi VI. I would say, Thai Thai, is a restaurant I’m not interested/gingered to review. My experience was only a good one because I got to hang out with my friends.

The ambiance is very serene. It gives off this Native American vibes, especially the music played in the restaurant, one would have thought someone is making incantations ?, the unfamiliar chants from the music made me a little unease.

Thai Thai Restaurant, Lagos

The restaurant is not a conspicuous one at all, you won’t even know there is a restaurant on that street because of how hidden it is (No signage, not even in the building).

The setup more like having a restaurant in one of the 1004 apartments. I want to believe it’s a very private restaurant because it’s based on reservation only.

For their meals, Walai I would have said the restaurant is owned or let me say the Chef is from Yoruba land if not that name gave it away. I ordered two types of pasta, one with chicken (nonspicy) and the other with shrimps (spicy).

I tasted the nonspicy pasta, I was like how is this nonspicy, I just told them to pack the spicy pasta for taking out because?. Also, I should have figured when I was being asked if I have any allergies because what is groundnut looking for in my pasta FFS.
I didn’t enjoy my starter either, the wings and vegetable spring rolls were too dry.

Thai Thai Restaurant, Lagos

For customer service, I will give them 3/10 it seemed they have a closed niche of clients already and don’t want anyone outside of them, no enthusiasm in their service whatsoever.

It happened that I didn’t make reservations for my friends because I didn’t plan on meeting them at Thai Thai, so I had to tell one of the staff that my friends are coming to say hi. He reluctantly agreed.

Fast forward to while catching up, one of my friends had an important zoom meeting she needed to quickly attend to. We begged them to reduce the volume of the music; mind you we were the only ones in there. They refused claiming she wasn’t a guest, omo I just said never again!

Thai Thai Restaurant, Lagos

Overall I would rate the restaurant 4/10?

Budget: 15k for two course and drink
Single meal and drink 7-10k

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