Plaint Taine Restaurant, Lagos

Plaint taine is a Caribbean restaurant located on Victoria Island. I had expected most of the meals to be somewhat plantain infused meals even though I’m not a plantain fan. But I was wrong, very few meals had plantain in them probably like two meals sef, we will talk more about the meals as we progress.

Plaint Taine Restaurant, Lagos

The ambiance is floral and ancient Caribbean themed maybe that’s where it got its name from and it’s giving this Casablanca coastline vibes. Ideal for brunch with friends, fine dining, and casual hangouts.

There is a section in the backyard that is very beautiful and girly, which makes it ideal for bridal showers, tea parties, and baby showers. Another section with long couches with a wooden floor that announces your entrance with your heels?.

Plaint Taine Restaurant, Lagos

A lone table on the veranda is good for a couple that just wants to chit chat without the noise of others and also enjoys a cool breeze in the open space.

Customer service, nahhh they have a long way to go. It was as if they had only a waiter to attend to everyone. The waiter couldn’t even explain the meals well.

He mentioned a meal could serve for two, you needed to see the portion of this meal ?. It wasn’t even enough for one and it was overpriced.

Plaint Taine Restaurant, Lagos

I was pained because I had to order another plate making it 21000. The highest price this meal is meant to go for is 6k. For it to be 10500, I expected a lot more.

Their menu is scanty, very limited options even at that, most of the meals on the menu weren’t available, I was already frustrated at this point. Imagine pointing to 3 items and they’re not available, I just closed the menu and ask to serve me what was available that he could recommend.

Plaint Taine Restaurant, Lagos

On all my visits to restaurants, anything dumplings have something wrapped inside, either a protein or a vegetable. These guys served me 4 buns and had the audacity to call it Fried Dumplings!! then charge me 2k for it. Omooo.


Plaint Taine Restaurant, Lagos

What I had:
Mama MartiniIue curry N10500
(4 pcs) Fried dumplings N2000
Sparkling lemonade with Pear N2400
Water N1000

Plaint Taine Restaurant, Lagos

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