Dodo Pizza Lagos

The first pizza parlor review will be dodopizzang. They have 5 locations in Lagos as of now; yaba, Ikeja city mall, Sangotedo novare mall, Lekki Admiralty way, and Victoria Island.

Dodo Pizza Lagos

In this post, I will be reviewing the branch at Ikeja, located inside the City Mall (ICM).
Sincerely, I’ve visited several times that I can’t give a perfect review due to the inconsistency of some of their services.

For the customer service, it’s like a wind?, today the staff are happy and very gingered to serve you can take your time to decide on your order. Another day, they can be moody and you asking a lot of questions will not make you a friend?, I understand tho, customer service in a fast food must be tasking and they might be stressed out.

Dodo Pizza Lagos

However, they should have a list of FAQs by now and ready answers so it’s easier for their staff to relate to new customers on the fly.

The ambiance is a great place to hang out with friends on a budget and quick impromptu meetings. Quite cozy in the early hours of the day but very busy in the evenings and holidays as expected.
Also, love the fact that they have a mini workstation for the working class where there are sockets on the wall to charge your devices while brunching and the rest.

Dodo Pizza Lagos

For the Pizza and other meals, there is a great amount of consistency in this. When comparing Dodo pizza to some Pizza companies in terms of taste consistency, I will give them 7/10. They give you value for your money and do not try to mince ingredients; If you want it cheesy, you get cheese. If it’s beefy, you get beeeef?

And oh, I love their mac and cheese, so yummy! Especially for that price (N1,900). I will recommend beef suya pasta any day any time and their cappuccino; heavenly??

Dodo Pizza Lagos

PS: Dodopizza is named after the bird dodo as it’s in their logo, not dodo (plantain). So don’t go there expecting plantain on your pizza?

If you are visiting alone, 5k is enough to satisfy you.
They always have deals and promos; don’t forget to ask for one.

written By: Faithreviews


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