Amazonia Restaurant Abuja – REVIEW

Amazonia restaurant Abuja – REVIEW By: Hadiza.sidiq

Hey guys! So I was invited for a food tasting of the new menu Amazonia_abuja. I’ll be doing a 3 part review of the food and my experience.

* Ambiance
The theme is ‘a rainforest dining experience’ and I think they tick the box! I mean if I wanted to dine in a forest, this would be it. It’s new, it’s fresh and very different! The detailing was on point! There were hanging plants from the ceilings, little bulbs shaped like birds, and waterfalls everywhere! There were real birds in cages at the entrance. Even the tables had faux plants in them. It was very green and refreshing!
My verdict- 10/10

Amazonia serves gourmet dishes and so attracts an audience with a wide palate. So if you are a food explorer, who likes to discover new flavors, then this is the place to go!
Small issue though…before I visited, I looked through the menu on their IG page. The majority of the dishes were unfamiliar, but I was eager to try, so I went to their Instagram feed, to see pictures of the dishes (I like to eat with my eyes). But only a few of the dishes were posted and some were not labeled. So I think they can make an effort to showcase the dishes they offer.

Forewarning though…the price point is high…I mean we ordered a drink, starter, and main (from the current menu), and that amounted to 20k! ?, but they make up for the price with the portion size!
Note: there isn’t enough parking space.

Also, after tasting both the new and current menu, I think there is something for everyone. Yes, There are foreign flavors but there are also familiar flavors on there (the schezwan chill fish and sesame rice on the new menu is a great example). The food is good and if their target market is the high society, then they are right on track! But if they are looking to attract a wider audience, then they might want to make their menu a bit more extensive (range) to accommodate both the Nigerian palate and those with a wider palate. And maybe make it more pocket-friendly.

Check out my next post for a detailed review of the food! There is a lot to love!

Review By: Hadiza.sidiq


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