Rye Restaurant, Lagos

Rye restaurant is located on Victoria Island, although it’s an en-suite restaurant of Nordic hotel, they allow walk-ins.

The ambiance is minimalist and very little artsy.
There is also an open space with a pool if you want to unwind and catch a breath of fresh air while you dine.

Rye Restaurant, Lagos

It’s quite budget-friendly, especially for its location and in my research, most en-suite restaurants are usually affordable to some extent, although very limited options on their menus.

Rye Restaurant, Lagos

The meals are okay but I expected more especially for the fact they don’t have varieties, I thought they would have perfected the limited menu.

The roasted chicken and Jollof rice were okay, I enjoyed it but I could tell it wasn’t cooked for Nigerians probably tailored to suit their foreign guests. It was delicious still and mehn the chicken was very tender you can cut it with a feather.

Rye Restaurant, Lagos

The California chicken came with steamed white rice and a funny-looking green sauce with tomato cuts. It was one meal I regretted ordering, asides from the bland taste it’s quite overpriced for what is being served.

I enjoyed the Baja Taco but I would have preferred it to be served with mayo instead of the green sauce. Pina colada and Summer breeze mocktails were so good, felt like ordering more.

Rye Restaurant, Lagos

Customer service was okay, they all seemed so busy with very few guests on seats because it was hard to catch a waiter’s attention even to make payment, I had to go meet them at the cashier point as my waiter just dropped the bill and left, probably they were serving lodged in guests too.

Rye Restaurant, Lagos

What I had:
Roasted chicken with Jollof rice N8000
California Chicken with steamed rice N8500
Baja Taco N5500
Summer Breeze N3000
Pina colada N3000

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