Back to Sketch_abuja but this time around I came for the breakfast! ?⁣

Sketch is one of the latest restaurants in town and it trended some weeks ago for its aesthetically pleasing design. I love art so this was very creative to me.

I visited recently for breakfast and I ordered the Breakfast Hash which comprises of: ⁣

• Potatoes ⁣
• Toast ⁣
• Eggs of your choice ⁣
• Sausages ⁣
• Mushroom ⁣
• Grilled tomatoes ⁣
• Baked beans

Apart from the photo and colouring pencils they give you while you wait for your food you also get complimentary cookies. I didn’t have the opportunity of colouring this time around because I think I came too early and the photographer wasn’t there yet. ⁣

Just like every other breakfast platter it was generally ok. I didn’t enjoy the potatoes as much because I felt it could have been seasoned better but it wasn’t bad. ⁣

Generally, I didn’t have a bad experience here, the service was good and for a restaurant that just opened I know they are still putting a lot of things in place but I’ll like to give my recommendations: ⁣
⁣It was not easy getting the attention of the waiter here because of how the space is set up, especially if you sit inside, I had to get up a few times because the waiter couldn’t hear me. I’ll recommend a call button on each table to make it easier to reach out to the waiters. ⁣

• The lid on my tea jug kept coming off. I appreciate the waiter for bringing my attention to it when he served me but better jugs can be used to enable better service delivery (5th slide).⁣

• Can we have an option of the choice of sausages? It’s safe to say beef sausages are really not pleasing to the eyes and also not tender. There should be provision to choose what kind of sausages you want. ⁣

Have you been to Sketch? Share your experiences & recommendations ?
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