Slow Restaurant Lagos

My Slow Lagos Experience, a 7/10.

Just realised that I haven’t dropped a review of Slow Lagos, well it’s about time!

Slow Restaurant Lagos

I decided to have breakfast like a queen that I am so I made a stop at Slow and tried out:
– Blueberry waffles | N6,500
– Royal Scrambled eggs and salmon tacos | N7,800
– Croissant Basket | N8,500
– Latte and Cappuccino | N3,000 each
– Sparkling water | N2,000
Budget: >N20k per head.

Slow Restaurant Lagos

I’ll start with the space;
Tropical themed with natural plants and flowers, it screams class and panache. I’m giving you all 6 slides on the space so you can be the best judge ?

Slow Restaurant Lagos

As man is not known for eating restaurant spaces, let’s move on to the food!
The blueberry waffles was crisp but for the quantity I think they should make it a stack or make the icecream topping compulsory and increase the price.
The tacos were juicy and happens to be the highlight dish even though I’ve arrived at the conclusion that I prefer my salmon cooked ?. The croissant basket was forgettable for me, I expected more croissant but got more baguette however the homemade jam was perfect! I think pairing the homemade jam with the blueberry waffles would have been a mad combo.

Slow Restaurant Lagos

Cappuccino and Latte tasted nice.

I’ll rate Slow Lagos a 7/10 from my experience, they did a lot of things right and it’s definitely a brunch location to try out but they lacked in some areas.

Have you been to Slow Lagos? How did your experience go?


Review By: Bellaexplores


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