Taj Bistro Abuja

I paid N6,000 for this breakfast and I’m still very upset

So I am aware of the obvious inflation in the country and I know how expensive food is now but I am after value for money. I put up the first slide on my story yesterday and asked people how much they would pay for this and the average people said they would pay was 3,500-4,000 which I think is fair. ⁣

Taj Bistro Abuja

Personally, I think this particular breakfast meal is overpriced. Two slices of bread? ⁣
You see that sausage? It’s the worst I’ve had in a while. I also think the waitress should have asked for the choice of sausage, I prefer chicken sausage but I was served beef sausage. It was so tasteless and really tough I found it so hard to cut through (video on last slide).⁣

I love that they have a vast selection of teas. I got to select the tea of my choice and it was served in a cup, not saying it’s bad but I prefer my tea in a tea pot and I get to serve it how I like so it remains hot. I don’t remember the last time I had breakfast and I was served tea in a cup all at once. Then the milk was powdered milk ? am I too extra? Just so you know the 6,000 isn’t inclusive of tea. The tea costs 1,900.

Taj Bistro Abuja

The lady that served my table was really pleasant and professional, I must commend her.

Anyways, I thought was a ‘premium’ restaurant of some sort so I expected a lot more. ⁣
What do you think? Do you think 6,000 is a fair price for this? ⁣Let’s engage.

? Taj Bistro
1 Atabara Street, Off Kampala St, Wuse 2, Abuja.

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