The Atrium Restaurant, Abuja

The Atrium Restaurant:

So I saw this place years back when my friend Jenniferlami took a picture there and I asked where the place was and she said it’s called “Kung Fu”. I guess they have rebranded.

This place is just so relaxing and serene. I ordered for the lemon tea(N500), avocado smoothie(N1000) and strawberry and banana smoothie(1000). Think they have one of the cheapest drink menu.

The turkey breast sandwich and sharwama took a while to come but they were worth it.


Meanwhile their waiters are so laid back. They need serious training. And also I ordered the smoothies after I ordered for a Mojito. I don’t know what they brought. It was basically water and lime from what I could see. I didn’t even drink it. So you might wanna leave the bar section and stick to the smoothie section, which were delicious by the way.

Review By: Hotperidot


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