The six By Lovitoz Abuja, Review


Customer service here is worth emulating, from the gate to the reception to the dinning, staff were all smiles and didn’t let us touch the doors, they opened the doors and ushered us to our seats. For a moment I thought they must have mistaken me for Michelle Obama, yes that’s how special they’ll make you feel. Lol

It didn’t come as a surprise that food was great, I mean it’s TheSix, they always deliver.

We had;
1). Chicken Kebab with Peri Peri rice @7000: Totally enjoyed this especially the smoky taste of the rice. The chicken was well marinated. I loved the presentation of this food most.

2).Mini Burger @2500: Very tasty, I liked that it wasn’t messy to eat

3).Bbq Beef ribs: @8000: To say this one “choke” is an understatement, Very juicy and succulent. This is a must order!! My absolute favorite.

4) Shredded beef jollof Spagetti with plantain: 7000: It was quite interesting seeing plantain inside spaghetti. Loved how the plantain was cut. This dish was just ok.

Meatballs in sauce: very tasty. Loved the sauce and the meat was well done.

5).Crepes and ice cream: @3000 this was oh sooooo yummy. A must order

I thoroughly enjoyed myself so did my guest. This is definitely a place to enjoy good food. Our host CJ was a delight, he ensured we had a good time. Do check them out and let us in on your experience. I must also add plating and presentation here is top notch. Thesix_lovitoz

Review By: Waka_Waka_Nnenna


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