Cafe Chrysalis

Cafe Chrysalis ?

The Sunday buffet at Cafechrysalis was on my to-do list but unfortunately i was unaware that they had multiple branches so i showed up at the Cabanas branch at Ventura Mall only to find out that the buffet was at a different branch. I called and messaged them on Instagram to make a reservation but there was no response so we decided to just take the L and have brunch where we were.

First, be prepared to WAIT! Gosh, apparently appetizers and mains take the same time to arrive so we decided to order ice-cream instead and got whatever was in pic 3 ?

I opted for the Oxtale (Rice & Peas served with Oxtail stew & fried plantains) with an estimated preparation time of 45mins but i’m not kidding you, i got my food 1hr, 20mins later and the restaurant was empty so what was really happening in the kitchen? ? After waiting that long and threatening to leave, i was finally served what looked like rice & beans with ponmo ? Not only did they use the wrong beans (should be the red kidney beans not the local ones here), the oxtail was basically tough meat in pepper stew. To be fair, it tasted alright but i really could have just gone to Chicken Republic for this ??‍♀️

PS: the Margarita in picture 4 came like that, melted and bland. My overall rating for this restaurant is 4/10 because i was VERY dissatisfied, disappointed and unimpressed.

Meal Deets:
Oxtale ~ N3,500
Mango Margarita ~ N1,750
Ice cream (LOL) ~ N1,000

Review By: Damiedarling


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